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We are an independent supplier of hygienic wall cladding and PVC ceiling cladding, we offer competitive prices, FREE advice with reliable and fast delivery. You can buy all of our hygienic wall cladding sheets and profiles online, and we aim to provide the best customer service - tailored to your specific needs.

Why Plaswall Hygienic Wall Cladding?

Choose Plaswall commercial kitchen PVC wall cladding for areas that demand high levels of hygiene. Our plastic wall cladding has been developed for ease of installation, is easy to maintain and less expensive than some alternatives. It is ideal for food preparation areas, wet rooms, laboratories and hospitals. PVC wall cladding is perfect for spaces that require regular two-stage and deep cleans and complies to the highest regulatory standard.
Plaswall PVC wall panels can easily be bonded to most surface types - so achieving total wall and ceiling hygiene is hassle-free and quick. Plastic wall cladding is conveniently available in two sheet sizes and four thickness, making it suitable for most areas. Our hygienic wall cladding sheets have a satin gloss finish and are available in white and pastel colours. Our high gloss hygienic wall cladding panels are also stocked with a matching range of trims and profiles.

Plaswall - Versatile Commercial Kitchen Cladding

Not only is Plaswall commercial kitchen cladding extremely effective, it is a highly economical alternative to other wall cladding systems, including hard-to-maintain stainless steel. PVC hygienic wall cladding has many applications that can be utilised across a wide range of sectors - from catering and healthcare to laboratories and education. Commercial kitchen cladding is also popular with developers, working on hygienic projects.

Plaswall Hygienic Cladding - for high impact interior design

While PVC wall cladding is popular in clinical white, it is also available in a variety of trending pastel and gloss colours, making it a great choice for those who want to create a high visual impact. It is perfect for restaurants and other business areas that are used or seen by the public. To complement our plastic wall cladding, we also stock a range of hygienic ceiling panels, flooring products and essential accessories such as corner joints, PVC skirting, edging and jointing strips, among others. All products can be colour co-ordinated, meaning total hygiene doesn’t have to compromise style.

Purchase Hygienic Wall Cladding Today

Plaswall PVC wall cladding has been carefully developed to clad walls and ceilings that need to be not just nearly clean but really clean, it meets food safety regulations and helps protect public health. It is super easy to keep clinically clean and is low maintenance. Because of these qualities, it is ideally suited to premises such as commercial kitchens, food preparation and storage areas, laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and wet areas.
Talk to us about its range of applications and how Plaswall can help you meet regulations.