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Wall Cladding Accessories

Achieving total hygiene has never been easier - thanks to our range of essential cladding accessories. Quick and easy to use - and extremely cost-effective - they will help you finish a cladding installation to the highest standards.
And you won’t have to compromise on style with our cladding accessories. For example, our gloss wall cladding sealant is available in 10 colours - so your project will be colour-coordinated down to the last detail.

Other accessories in our cladding range include:

  • Hybrid Adhesive
  • 2-part Hybrid Adhesive
  • Hygienic Wall Cladding Plastic Rivets

In fact, we have got everything you need to make installing Plaswall a breeze.
Our tube of Hybrid Adhesive is 310mls and is suitable for use on an area of up to 8ft x 4ft. Our plastic rivets come in two sizes - 1 inch and 1.5 inch.

Why buy cladding accessories from us?

We stock a huge range of hygienic cladding solutions - and accessories - that can be quickly and easily installed. They have a variety of applications for sectors that require high levels of hygiene. With a fast delivery service and best price guarantee, you can’t go wrong.
Plaswall hygienic cladding is ideal for spaces that require total hygiene to meet regulations and protect public health. It is recognised as a highly effective and economical alternative to other cladding systems, including hard-to-maintain stainless steel.
Our hygienic cladding solutions are trusted nationwide by people who demand total hygiene. All our products have been developed for use in areas that require the highest levels of cleanliness. Our wall cladding solutions, for example, are used in commercial kitchens, food storage areas and processing plants, laboratories, hospitals, wet areas and in new build and renovation projects.
For laboratories, operating theatres and other areas that require the highest levels of hygiene, we can supply antimicrobial sheets, impregnated with an antimicrobial agent.

Fast delivery

Because we hold huge stocks, we can deliver your hygienic cladding accessories fast.

Buy wall cladding accessories now

You can buy our hygienic wall cladding accessories online or, if you need FREE advice, give us a call. We will do everything we can to help you get the right accessories for your hygienic cladding project.