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Hygienic Ceiling Cladding

We stock the complete range of hygienic ceiling cladding, PVC ceiling planks, ceiling joints and profiles. If you need technical advice - give us a call for FREE, no obligation assistance. We provide advice on installation procedures as well as products. You can even order FREE samples - so you can be sure our hygienic ceiling cladding, PVC ceiling planks and profiles are exactly right for your installation project.

All the products in our hygienic ceiling cladding range are cost-effective and really easy to maintain. They are also quick and simple to install.

Our hygienic ceiling cladding range

Buy online or talk to us today - if you require any of the following products:

  • 2-part Hybrid Adhesive (tub)
  • Ceiling Cladding H Section
  • Ceiling Cladding Starter Trim
  • Hybrid Adhesive (tube)*
  • White hygienic Ceiling Cladding

*Our tube of Hybrid Adhesive is 310mls and is suitable for use on an area of up to 8ft x 4ft.

Why buy from the Plaswall range?

Our huge stocks of hygienic ceiling cladding solutions - and accessories - can be quickly and effortlessly installed. They have a wide range of applications for many sectors that require high levels of hygiene.
Plaswall hygienic ceiling cladding is ideal for use in premises that require total hygiene to comply with regulations. It is the smart choice if you are looking for a highly effective and economical alternative to other PVC cladding systems, including hard-to-maintain stainless steel.
Our hygienic ceiling cladding solutions are trusted to deliver total hygiene by clients nationwide, including household names. All our hygienic ceiling cladding products have been developed for use in areas that require the highest levels of cleanliness. Our ceiling cladding solutions are used in commercial kitchens, food storage areas and processing plants, laboratories, hospitals, wet areas and in new build and renovation projects.

Reliable, quick delivery

Because we hold huge stocks, we can deliver your hygienic ceiling cladding and accessories fast.

Hassle-free installation

Unlike some alternatives, our hygienic ceiling cladding can easily be bonded to most surface types - making it super quick to install. We stock hybrid adhesives and hygienic plastic rivets, as well as other accessories, to make the job even simpler.

Buy hygienic ceiling cladding online now

You can buy our hygienic ceiling cladding and accessories online or, if you need FREE advice or samples, give us a call. Our customer service team will work with you to ensure you get the right hygienic cladding solution for your installation project.