Pastel Hygienic Wall Cladding Range

Pastel Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheet

Plaswall is the UK’s market leader in internal cladding solutions that promote hygiene - and that is why we stock a wide range of pastel hygienic wall cladding. With stunning hints of colour, the products ensure no sensitive environment has to look clinical or boring. Delivering the same effective benefits as our white sheets, they aid the cleaning process in a wide range of high-risk areas. Modern and stylish, this ultra low maintenance sheet can be used to support branding and set the mood in both public facing and work spaces.

Suitable for food preparation and storage areas, this cladding range is ideal for takeaways, offices, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and many more settings. If you want to boost the effectiveness of your cleaning processes and save time, this product range offers a huge number of benefits - along with a touch of colour.

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Pastel hygienic wall cladding specifications

Our pastel hygienic wall cladding sheets are manufactured from solid PVC and boast a highly beneficial and aesthetically pleasing semi-gloss finish. Easy to install, they can be used in refurbishment projects or to help raise hygiene levels in any environment. All the products in this range are simply bonded to surfaces to create beautiful, hygienic interiors. These food grade sheets resist water and moisture, and have a Class 1 fire rating.

Pastel hygienic wall cladding by Plaswall is also impact resistant. If you require a cladding system that supports compliance while looking good, you won’t find a better range.

Sheets are available in one thicknesses: 2.5mm

Stocked sheet sizes:

2.4m x 1.2m

3.0m x 1.2m

Available pastel colours:






Stunning pastel wall cladding

If you are looking for an attractive hygiene system that can cope with the demands of a regulated environment, this range offers long-lasting durability and appeal. It is favoured by those who want to create the right ambiance as well as easily maintain a spotlessly clean environment. All the sheets in this range are effortless to cut and retain their stylish finish for years.

Whatever your hygiene needs, we have a pastel hygienic wall cladding solution that will meet all your requirements.